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  1. Joe_Art

    For Sale: Christmas sale

    May the Joy this season brings... Fill your Hearts & Walls with Indian Art Zone. "The Samudhra" Excellent Artwork by artist Mishra Christmas Sale!! Upto 10% Offer!! for New Paintings with Free Shipping!!
  2. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Light

    Celebrating Varanasi!! A place with every drop of water is #Ganga and every single Action is #Prayer. Varanasi a Land of #Love & Celeberation. The "Varan's Light" by kanna portrait the #Varanasi's #Celeberation in his #Artwork To Buy this Painting visit https://bit.ly/2QujGhZ
  3. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Deer Artwork

    A house doesn't seem finished without some wonderful art. The Deer - Acrylic Painting by JD Artist. To Buy this Painting at 10% Discount https://bit.ly/2P4LSTw
  4. G

    Problem Buckled Artwork

    Hey Everyone! A client brought in a piece that was framed at another frame shop back in 2007. The artwork was hinged at both the top and bottom (not the sides) using Japanese Hinges passed through the mat, and spacers were used in between the glass and the mat board. The artwork is now buckling...