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  1. sapergalleries

    Opinions Wanted ATG Issues

    Until this week, we ordered 55 yd rolls of 1/4" ATG from Specialty Tapes. Great product, never had any issues. Called this week to reorder - They now only sell in 110 yd rolls. Does anyone know where we can source 3" core, 55' x 1/4" ATG, preferably with a 4 mil adhesive layer? Hope everyone...
  2. P

    Problem Remove Adhesive Stains From Jersey?

    I'm in a pickle. I'm framing several signed jerseys for a client, and was given one in particular that had already been mounted by a different frame shop. I do my stretching and my sleeves a certain way, and the client wanted them all to match, so he gave me this one to re-mount and put back in...