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  1. K

    Gene Green oval machine + scallop cutter

    Hi Everyone, New to the Grumble. I purchased the equipment & stock of a retired gentleman. Amongst all of it is a Gene Green oval machine, plus the scallop cutter. I plan to make rustic frames, and have no plans for circles, ovals, or scallops. Judging by the no wear on this tool, it appears...
  2. Frankidadio

    Antique Cast Iron Circle Oval Cutter

    Built when things were made to last forever $200. Will cut a 22" circle and up to 22" x 34" oval. Comes with low table built for it. Local pickup only
  3. Artifacts Gal

    FOR SALE Oval Master

    This is the large Oval Master oval/circle/scallop mat cutter made by Artisan Equipment Company. Included is instruction and parts sheets, the booklet showing how to cut scalloped mats and some items needed to do so. Has been used by only one person, clean and well maintained, uses easily found...
  4. Artifacts Gal

    For Sale: Oval Master Circle Mat Cutter Large Professional Quality Nice Working Condition

    Listed on eBay:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oval-Master-Circle-Mat-Cutter-Large-Professional-Quality-Nice-Condition-w-Manual-/161962030004? Contact me with any questions, thanks!
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