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  1. O

    Picture Frame Equip for sale - $2800 (Raleigh)

    Closing home based picture frame shop. Started in 2006 as a side biz to my real career and it has been an outlet for stress and an opportunity to work with my hands. As such, the money never came rolling in and that was ok as it was not my reason to open in the first place. I am now an "empty...
  2. frmdmn

    Mitre mite VN2 for sale, Vnailer, underpinner

    Nothing wrong with it. It's a workhorse. Lewisville tx $600
  3. Rick

    Off brand underpinner for purchase

    Hi Folks, I am trying to get my feet wet in this business and looking for all my options before any major purchase. I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts about this unit, good or bad, I am just a startup and lets say I make 2 frames a day on average. Is this company loved here or...
  4. A

    For Sale: Mitre-Mite VN 2+1 AMP Underpinner

    This is in great working order. Comes with motor for pneumatic operation, foot petal, spare V-nails, various components. Also comes with table and arms. $1,100.00
  5. D

    For Sale: Frame Shop Equipment

    CTD D45AX production saw, vert and horiz air clamps, mist system for metal frames $4000 Saw Gear 8’ precision measuring tool $3000 48” Hendrixson mat cutter $1000 Fletcher glass / mat cutter $400 dry mount press $450 Miter Mite VN-42 underpinner $3500 Brevetti AUT-82 underpinner $3000 Four boxes...
  6. F

    Advice purchasing pneumatic underpinners Cassese CS2 vs Gielle Arrow F1000

    Hello all! New member here! Wondering if I could get some advice here, We're looking at either purchasing x2 Cassese CS2's or x2 Gielle Arrow F1000, however our dealer has not been very helpful in helping us pick the correct equipment. :( Cassese CS2 is a free standing machine, the Gielle is...
  7. R

    VN-2 Mitre Mite $500

    Mitre Mite v-nailer. Works good and was in use until last week. $500 FOB Amarillo, Texas, for more information call 806-674-6725 or rightangle@suddemlinkmail.com. I have just closed one of my stores so I have a lot of stuff that I do not have listed.
  8. R

    Framing Supplies Underpinner $1,850

    Framing Supplies Underpinner $1,850, used less than one full year, maybe 300 frames. Includes the support wings, tools, and assorted v-nails. FOB Amarillo, Texas. I have just closed one of my framing stores so I have a lot of stuff not listed. For more info call 806-674-6725 or...
  9. W

    ITW AMP model VN2+1

    air operation by pedal. With only 15 mm head. Boxes of 7, 10, 15 mm nails. Special cart if wanted. Operating, but we have another brand to use, so getting rid of this one. $750 located in S.Cal (San Diego area). 202 489 5300
  10. J

    Brevetti Underpinner **Also Glues Frame in Same Cycle**

    Hi All Hope you can help I'm looking at a new underpinner, and came across the Brevetti underpinner, that also glues at the same time as it pins. Has anyone had any experience of this type of "Brevetti AUT 2112" underpinner & Gluer , or similar device ...
  11. Pietrina

    For Sale: AMP U200 UNDERPINNER

    I purchased this underpinner 14 months ago and have only used it 8 times! It is in near perfect condition! Given my lack of space, I now need to sell it. Model: AMP U200 Manual underpinner. This piece of equipment is works great and is so much quieter than an air compressor model. I also...
  12. njw1224

    WTB: Underpinner within 3-5 hr drive of 26003

    Anyone have an underpinner for sale? I'd be willing to drive possibly up to 5 hrs if it's good enough pinner/deal. I'm coming from Wheeling, WV - zip 26003. I'm in the northern panhandle of the state, so a 5-hr radius would include most of Ohio, Central and Western Pennsylvania, all of West...
  13. Rick

    Want to buy underpinner

    Hi there, I am interested to buy a underpinner. Any brand any model. As long as it is around $800 to $900 or thereabouts. Preferably in or near California. Many Thanks Please reply in forum or email "istudio55@aol.com" or call 818-566-4400 Rick
  14. R

    Plunger release problem with my Cassise underpinner...

    Wondering if anyone here can help with my underpinner issue? THe plunger comes down, I pop a nail into the frame, let go of the button, and the plunger sits there for almost a full minute before it releases. VERY frustrated trying to build a few frames this afternoon. Any idea why this is...
  15. Joe and Anita

    Pistorius Manual Underpinner

    Great condition, includes half dozen unused boxes of pins, extensions as pictured. $500- OBO. Located In Vancouver British Columbia
  16. M

    For Sale: Fletcher Terry Corner Pro 5700 w/accessories

    I have for sale a very nice Fletcher Terry Corner Pro 5700 underpinner. This includes: -Tilting Floor Stand -Extension wings -Fence Risers -Air Filter/Lubricator -Counterweight Balancer Priced at $1,000 plus shipping

    Problem MITRE MITE VN144 misbehaving

    I find that the v-shaped clamp that the molding is clamped into before driving the fasteners has a nasty habit of sliding backwards on occasion. It seems that no matter how tight we crank that handle down, it'll slide backwards after a few nails are driven. has anyone else experienced this...