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  1. Rick

    For Sale: VacuSeal 4468H Dry mounting vacuum press $1100

    VacuSeal 4468H Dry mounting vacuum press $1100 VacuSeal 4468H Dry mounting vacuum press hot cold print Hunt with stand and compressor. Condition is Used. Local pickup only. Los Angeles Ca area pick up only or you set up your shipping, no crating or packaging for shipping available. First $1100...
  2. Z

    Vacuseal vacuum issues

    I have a 'new' used vacuseal 4468, it is not drawing a vacuum through the manifolds in the bladder. Im in need of advice and or a diagram of the internal vacuum lines. There are 2 vacuum lines coming out of the press, one on the rear right, the line was pulled out, and another line coming out...
  3. Amy Laskye

    VacuSeal 4366M-HS - Vacuum not pulling

    I was given a VacuSeal 4366M-HS by a friend. Although the machine is old it is in fairly good shape. The heater works great but I can't seem to pull a vacuum. Anyone have a manual or helpful suggestions? Thank you!
  4. ArtMechanics

    MDF in Vacuseal?

    I keep forgetting the max thickness for mounting mdf in the Vacuseal. I always seem to find a way around mdf and use something else. I've got a job coming up where I'll need to mount some things on either plywood or mdf. I don't want to damage my press.. I've been looking around for info on...
  5. FrameOfMind

    Mounting Press: Even Heating

    Hello all, I currently use a VacuSeal 4366m-hs vacuum heat press by Seal products. It gets the job done nicely, but I do experience trouble with heating. Most the time I will have to restart the press a few times to get it start heating. Once it does the heat is extremely uneven. I will set it...
  6. A

    Vacuseal 4468H Press

    Selling Vacuseal 4468H We bought it new 15 years ago and did alot of fabric mats until 10 years ago. Since then, we would do maybe 2 a year. Need the table space. It worked last time. Notice the turn on button may need replaced. $950 or offer We are in Alexandria, Virginia. Rick Badwey...