10 Ready Made 8x10 Frames


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
We're an online frame shop & sell length picture frame moulding & other framing supplies from our Northern Vermont warehouse studio. We make all frames in our studio using Pistorius Dual Miter Saw, or Morso Chopper and VN+2 Underpinner. All corners are perfect, filled and touched up before shipping any frame.

We can ship frames with 2.33 REAL glass, mat backer & sawtooth hanger.

Or ship them as FRAMES ONLY, you can add the plexi, backer etc to increase the price.

We have about 10 styles of moulding that we can offer ready mades at this price.

I've attached 6 styles we will offer at $5 each + shipping ( empty frames )

- - Ornate Victorian Gold - Real Wood, Decor Discontinued Moulding, 1.75 in wide x 1.25 height x 5/8 rabbet

-- Ornate Gold Oval Medallion - Real Wood, Decor, Oval Medallion, 1 3/8 in wide x 5/8 in height x 7/16 in rabbet

-- Weathered Gold Stone - Hardwood ( Popular ) , Nickell Moulding, 1.25 wide x 5/8 in height x 1/2 inch rabbet

-- Small Black Square - Real Wood, Black Stained, Nickell Moulding Discountined Profile, 5/8 in wide x 3/4 in height x 5/16 in rabbet

-- Gold Curve Scoop Foil - 1 inch x 1 inch x 7/16 rabbet - real wood - muddled or foil finish - beaded lip - rope outer edge

-- Raw Unfinished Wood - 2.75 in wide x 15/16 in height x 7/16 in rabbet ( this profile is a discontinued offering from Nickell Moulding -- they still carry this profile in many styles, but don't offer it in raw; unless you special order 2500 ft+)

We can ship them with black cardboard easel backs with drop that works perfect for all these. For added fee, text me.

We can turn these around in 3 days.

Text me Charlie


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