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200k ft Length Moulding Adhisa Cornicci Nickell VT


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Im closing my online frame shop...selling everything including:

▪ 200k linear ft picture frame moulding
About 15-20k ft is fine quality Senelar...Salvadori Cornicci...Max Moulding..Adhisa...etc

The other is nickell...studio..decor.. Some fine profiles..just 20 ft..other common profiles..may have 15k ft.

Also 14 pallets standard frame glass each pallet is different size 8x10 (3500 sheets to pallet 8x10) to 32x40..will break up any amount u want. Plus est 10k ft chops..vnails...25k AMS cardboard corner protectors..3 sizes..quality boxes made for shipping 4x6 to 24x36 frames...20 - 8 ply 42x60 white matboard sheets...and alot more. Text me 802-265-1685 for info..all must go by first week Sept. Located N. VT zip code 05819.

Best offer.

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