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For Sale: 3M C-35 PMA Applicator - BNIB


This applicator is brand new in the box, even though it was manufactured many years ago. And the box looks like it! It was purchased for use in one of our picture framing stores, but put away and forgotten about.
Only $125.

The C-35 PMA Applicator is a manual two-roller press capable of handling items up to 20" wide and 1/4" thick without any adjustments. A 20"x24" bed plate is included to carry the items being mounted through the machine. The rollers are specially tooled and enough pressure is generated to ensure a positive transfer of adhesive and a permanent bond every time. Can be used to mount: resin coated prints, posters, Cibachrome prints, litho prints, art reprints and maps.

Please note that the photos used are NOT of our item - they are another C-35 listed on line (which photos do not show the tray for the adhesive roll or the plate). I wanted to keep our C-35 in the box and not set it up. But - same machine as shown.

This item weighs about 35 pounds, but will ship at a dimensional weight of 49 pounds.

PMA4.jpg PMA5.jpg
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