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567 Framing Shop - Custom Framing Shop NYC


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In 2007, 567 Framing started as a small art framing boutique in the East Village. Within two years, we expanded to the West Village and Brooklyn. We provide quality art framing & printing, and design services to our customers. Our main services range from custom framing, large format Giclee printing, face mounting, and canvas printing & stretching. Our professional designing team includes a roster of highly educated artists and designers, with extensive knowledge of fine art, cragts and materials.

567 Framing has been serving the local art community and art lovers alike in the New York area for more than 8 years, and is now an official partner of the Art Expo New York. Our reputation as one of the best service providers in the fine art field has established us as a top rated local business on Yelp. Our prestigious book pf clients include recognized artists and corporate clients including ABC Carpet & Home, AOL, Community Access, MTA, HSBC, La Quinta Inn & Suites, Praxis International Art, Allen & Company, CBS, Edwin Gould Foundation, The French Culinary Institue, Guardian, HGTV, and Lacoste to name only a few.

Our website: https://www.567framing.com/
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Agree, unless you are selling your business, who cares?