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Searching For A fairly old moulding (First post!)

Mikey Ingbar

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A client is having this molding on many of his pictures in a large conference room and needs to match it exactly. I tried similar ones but he's adamant about it matching. Can you either identify it or have some you can sell me. Only need about 10 feet now...
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There are several threads on this forum regarding "customer expectations vs reality". That moulding looks like it was hand painted. Manufacturers do not hand paint basic black moulding and more. Then there is the factor of dye lots and just basic age fading, etc.
If the client wants an "exact match", all the framed pieces have to be reframed.
It can be CAD designed and made on a CNC machine and then hand painted. or you can have custom knives made for a moulder/planer and have a cabinet shop make the moulding. The cost: about$500 - $800 plus your framing charges.
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Rick Granick

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That looks like probably an old Piedmont or Bendix moulding- both companies are gone. As Jerry said, finishes are different nowadays, and are superior to the old ones.
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