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Access Code?


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I plan to call Verizon as soon as I get back to the shop next week.

*sigh* I remember when there was just one nice big phone company with nice operators like Lily Tomlin - "We're the phone company - we don't have to care!"


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Well the mystery is closer to being solved.

Turns out the reason I needed these access codes was because when I switched my account from Broadview to Verizon, back in July, I told them I rarely made long distance calls and therefore had no need to spend that extra $5 per month on the off chance that I would need to make a call.

This was fine with Broadview - if I did not have a long-distance savings plan they just charged me whatever per minute and, like I said, making only one or two long distance calls per year, the cost always came to way less than what Verizon was asking.

So this week I go to phone my step-bro in Michigan -his cell phone number, and I get that "Carrier access code" message - by this time I am thinking that access codes are something one needs to phone cell phones. So I dial the land-line and get the same message. And then I try every long-distance number in my books - and get the same message!

So I call Verizon and they tell me that , no it is not that I do not merely have a long-distance PLAN - I do not have a long-distance CARRIER!!!! Gotta lopve Verizon, right? Well when their "contract" is up in 1.5 years I am going back to Broadview. Oye!

I tried to phone the number to find out what the deal was with the $14.95 charge (Ms. Verizon told me that was not their problem) but this number connected me to some account which I do not have ("a FREE voice mail box where friends and family can leave messages for me!") and their voice mail menu consisted of two options, neither of which made any sense.

So I will try to solve that one again next week.

I am about ready to go back to tin cans and string.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Curiouser and curiouser.

Today I receive the bill from AT&T for both of the one minute calls I made with their Carrier Access Code. One to the guy in New York City and one to Facebook in California (in case you have not been paying attention).

The bill is for $6.83. $.76 for the call to NYC and $4.89 for the call to FB in CA and the rest being surcharges and taxes and whatever else they can wring out of a poor unsuspecting sap like meself.

This I can live with.

Now next week I have to call Verizon again and see if they can help me get rid of that $14.95 charge for the "Free voice mail account" with "Transaction Clearing on behalf of Access Savings LLC" (whatever on earth that is!).

Oh how I miss Ma Bell!!!!!

Pat Murphey

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
...Oh how I miss Ma Bell!!!!!
You wouldn't have gotten away without subscribing to long distance service in those days. You now know how it works. There are reasonable "cents" per minute services out there, but you won't avoid those pesky access fees and taxes. Have you checked with your own telco to see if there is an economical low use long distance program available?

David N Waldmann

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Couldn't you just use a prepaid long distance card? Or don't they have those in Canader?


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
When I was on the line with the Verizon office I decided to bite the bullet and signed up for the $5 per month long distance "service." The woman actually did suggest I could buy a card but I figured, what the heck, I guess even I can afford $5 a month.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
The "rest of the story."

Today I phoned that free voicemail place, Access Savings LLC, finally got thru to a human being and between the two of us we were able to figure out that somehow or other, using my late partner's name and an abbreviated version of the shop name (State Art) I ended up signed up for this "free" service which costs $14.95 per month.

Lady said she would take the charge off my bill and delete me from the program and she even gave me a confirmation number.

Tomorrow I call Verizon to confirm that I can just NOT pay the charge.

I have NO CLUE how I got signed up with this place and it is a mere coincidence that the cost of it ended up on the very month's bill that I was awaiting the AT&T charge.

Moral of the story?

Check your phone bills every month - you never can tell what is trying to sneak in there!


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Thanks for the info, Uncle Jack, but that won't tell me WHO signed up up for this so-called free service. They hi-jacked my phone number, using my deceased partner's name (if you will pardon the expression.).


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
It doesn't end!

Today I received a three page letter from Verizon thanking me for chosing Verizon Enterprise Solutions for long distance service.

And get this - "there are NO monthly plan fees" (Whoo whee!!!)(then they go on to say), "but if your applicable long distance usage in any month is less than $5.00, your account will be billed a total of $5.00 that month."

Who writes this stuff? It is solid gold!
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