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Advertising, Marketing, Game Plan



There has been some discussions about how to fight the Big Box's of the world. The best way to survive and prosper is not to play their game. My game plan is as follows.

1. Be the best that I can be, at what I do best.

2. Top quality workmanship

3. I work every customer to allow me, to do a professional design that looks WOW. My framing design that the public see's can't be any better than the customer agrees to.

4. I carry a top Moulding line and sell it. Quality SELLS. Yes! I have a dozen box type Moulding for commercial jobs but I don't want to sell, except as a last resort, to a retail customer.

5. I never run a store wide or general sale. EVER! If I feel I need to run a sale I pick a small area to give the impression I'm are having a sale.

6. I promote myself and my store in advertising I don't have to run a sale when running an ad. Yes! I use 1x2 2x2 1x3 1x4 size ads and they work for me. I feel the trick is to use them several times a week every week. I'm trying to make people think "me" for their framing needs.

7. Look professional, both store wise and personal, when they customer walks in. I wear a red shirt with the name of the store.

I know a lot of shops believe in word of mouth advertising. Well! the more customers you get in, creates more word of mouth advertising. Look at the money Coke spends each year on promotion as a % of gross sales. I spent 11% last year. Hit six figures the first year in a slow traffic location. Would word of mouth done that? Will I reduce my advertising in my second or third year, NO, does Coke reduce their advertising just because people know the name. The public memory is short. You need to keep your name in front of them every few days.

I'm including a few ads that I've used. All but one uses a photo, I believe a photo draws more eye to the ad. I'm try to push getting people to check us out on the web or in person in all ads. Remember people want to believe want you are telling them, so tell them what you want them to hear.

All ads are one column width they just show different here.

This is all just my own personal feelings and what seems to be working for me. I'm no expert in this field of marketing. I know what works for me might not work for you but I'm putting this on the grumble to just share my ideas in this area.

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Susan May

Thanks for sharing, now I need to go and work on a new ad.

Sue May :)
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Kit aka emrr

Are those posters on the ceiling? I LOVE it. Kit

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Hi Framer,

It sounds like you have the start of a pretty good mission statement there.

How many grumblers have missions statements? If you do could you share them with us?

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Frame Harbor

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You made a valuable contribution in connection with another thread but, unfortunately, chose to post it as a new thread. This way it'll bring in response just the kind consideration any ad-marketing topic usually attracts, but will miss the opportunity to be debated as an alternative to the collective response that's been so far considered, in a hot topic over compeating/deflecting/defeating the threat big boxes pose to the frame industry.
Will you please be so kind and bring a copy of your post to "Will Micheals, Hobby Lobby...."?

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framer, your ads are great. Good suggestions.

But one question...how did you use Mickey & Minnie in an ad and not have the Disney police bust you?!


That is a Peter Max Print that I framed. Can't you show a picture of a product that you sell? Fair use of image. If I had just use a image of MM from the big D then I would have a problem.

Got to be a lawyer these day's...
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