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Any feedback on Larson's Artaissance?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
"Unless of course you get orders from Nigeria for 3,000 lites of 30 x 30 glass"

got anther one of those TTY things saturday---stopped the operator in mid spiel--& told her that if it's from outside the US it's a scam & she should pass it to her super

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Honestly Doug.....I think it works fine, opening as a small window to remind the visitor which parts of the country are currently in the running. That small window is a bit obvious that it serves a single function with the conspicuous CLOSE WINDOW command.


But John, when the "shop now" opens to a window that says "Coming soon to your market area......", it just doesn't make sense. They should at least change it from "shop now" to something more indicitive to what the window is about, like "check available areas" and make it no larger than the tiny "browse artwork" button which is what they need to click to be able to truly do the shopping.

Internet shoppers have short attention spans and I think many will bail out before they find the tiny "browse artwork" button. A site such as this needs to make the path very easy and clear to get the user to where they need to go.

Ok, I've beat this enough....I promise I will try to avoid mentioning "Shop Now" in another post. Really.

John Ranes II CPF GCF

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

Doug Gemmell said:
...when the "shop now" opens to a window that says "Coming soon to your market area......", it just doesn't make sense. They should at least change it from "shop now" to something more indicitive to what the window is about, like "check available areas" and ...
We are beating a dead horse, but I have to agree with you partially Doug...

I agree in that the consummer needs things spelled out easily -- This page could use an added hyperlink, that states, Check our retailer list to see if one already exists in your area". That link could take you to the find a retailer page.


Cliff Wilson

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Well, I "revived" this thread to see how things were going. My rep was pushing me to "get on board," so I asked.

>>>Bob says, "small investment that may have a great upside with no recurring costs. It baffles me why there is such resistance. We do spend a terrible amount of time "picking pepper specks out of gravy" don't we?"<<<

Umm, no I don't think so. I just spent almost two years "turning my wall around" to where I think it's doing ok and I'm selling off of it on a regular basis. Not great, but ok. Now, they want me to spend about a grand (I have the computer) which is not "small" to me right now. AND, more importantly, give them two to three large places on my wall that isn't that large to begin with. (about 40' - 12' high)

The art they have available is very much kin to what I just replaced.

So, I asked, how's it going. The answer seems to be "someone sold one." (or two it wasn't clear how many get the approxinate $400 deposit)

There doesn't apear to be any exclusivity. Even if the "guy down the road" signs on, I can sign on later.

If that's really it, I think I'm waiting.

Rick Bergeron - CPF

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Doug / John

I found yesterday.... beating the dead horse.... that the "shop now" button works a portion of the time.... 1 out of 10 but 9 of 10 opened the "coming soon" window. It also requires a doubleclick and all other buttons seem to require a single click.

I was told this morning that a revision to the site with significant changes will be occurring during the first week or so of May.

Silly Putty

I'm not sure how consumers are going to find the website. If they saw it in a magazine or newspaper and came home to bring the site up, "without" having the correct spelling, nothing comes up.
Just "google" it
It's a great idea but the promotional/marketing of the site is not what it should be.

Tim Hayes.

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Artaissance To Go Nationwide By October, Five New Artists Added


Artaissance is on schedule to be available nationwide by this October, company officials say. The gradual rollout includes presentations in individual markets across the country where local custom framers will learn about the Artaissance experience and how they can be part of it.

“Since first entering the market in September 2006, Artaissance has been very well received by the retailers we’re working with as well as consumers,” says Steve McKenzie, CEO and Chief Curator of Artaissance. “To further support our goal of helping custom framers profitably grow their businesses, we wanted to offer a product that would encourage consumers to really think about their wall space. With Artaissance, we can provide them with what they want, how they want it. We look forward to partnering with many more custom framing retailers nationwide to address what goes inside the frame.”

Available in Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C., Artaissance offers artwork that is only printed when ordered, providing the ability to offer custom sizing and the choice of canvas or paper for each image. Consumers browse the art collection through an interactive online catalog and select the image, size and substrate.

With Artaissance, officials say they want to grow the industry by marketing directly to consumers, then asking them to select a local framer participating in the Artaissance program to complete their purchase. The consumer conducts their transaction directly with the framer, then goes into that frameshop to pick up their art. This will bring new customers into custom frameshops and allow framers the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with new clients, officials say.

In addition, Artaissance’s latest expansion of its art portfolio includes five accomplished artists, each complementing the collection with their unique style. Works from artists Campbell Laird, T.C. Lillick, Kim Marks, John Runne and Nichole Sloan are now available to purchase online.

To learn more about Artaissance and when it will be available in your area, visit www.ljcustomers.com, or consult your local Larson-Juhl sales representative. Visit www.artaissance.com for more information


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
What is your investment paying for? A thou$and for what? Wall space for what?

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
What is your investment paying for? A thou$and for what? Wall space for what?
(Not necessarily a $1,000 required)
As I understand it, if you are going to participate you must put a couple of pcs on display in your store (and rightly so I may add). You have too have a computer with high speed for customer viewing of site. Frame up those couple of display pcs nicely showing off your skills and they will do double duty, selling not only the art but your design skills for what your customer brings in on their own, as do your other shop models.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
ok...that makes sense...i was thinking that there was some sort of initial investment required.

carry on.

Cliff Wilson

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sorry if I wasn't clear.
To participate you must get a business PayPal account and provide internet access for your customers, and ...

buy two pieces each with a minimum of 40" on their short side, or three pieces with a minimum of 24" on their short side. (You get a special rate for this.) You must then, Frame them with LJ moulding (again a "display discount -- not unreasonable) and display a POS Poster that they supply.

The thousand dollars was a (high) estimate based on some LEs I selected and the "appropriate" framing I selected. You could easily choose less expensive art and/or moulding. (But, then it would be incongruous with my shop!)

Now, don't get me wrong, I think this a reasonable requirement on LJ's part. I just am having trouble justifying it in my small shop with the response I am hearing about.

If this was proving successful I might quickly alter my current display standards and jump on! ;)

Or, if they would let me frame say 3 pieces with the LARGEST being 24" on a side, (Produce a nice display without mortgaging my wall space!) then the equation changes.

Bob Carter

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
There are 7 pages on this and it appears that many of the detractors have no real idea of what the program entails?

Would not a call to your Larson Rep answer these questions fully?

I think this plan had a limited offering not open to every framer

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Slow to Promote

......and display a POS Poster that they supply.
To my knowledge, the POS Poster is not yet available. At least I haven't gotten one. Has anyone seen one? I signed up in Feb. and at the meeting they mentioned that we would get them. Gave up and made my own......can't imagine what's taking so long!
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