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Archival mounting of a canvas on board


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Dios Mios!! over and over and over!! For that long minute there, you WERE GOD!!

Yep! That's what I'm talking 'bout!:beer:


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They're my own canvas giclees and I want to retail them for about $700 or $800 max.

I'm sure you don't remember most of what you wrote but this is the reference to 5 times my price. Now take the advice others have given to ending the insults of those you have asked to help you. We did not walk into your home to critique your work or methods but rather responded to your request.

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Man, I thought this soap opera jumped the shark like weeks ago....

Does the American Psychiatric Association have a forum? They might be able to help more than us.....


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Holy Overdone. I may be contributing to the whole thing, but Robert truly needs a nice hot cup of tea and a hiatus.

Good grief.

Jay H

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Yea, in that case I'll have to take you're word for it. I can't go there.


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Canvas Mounting

Ansel Adams's photos on illustration board are still valuable because he's one of America's most famous photographers – if not THE most famous one. I'm not in that league, so I can't get away with using shoddy techniques.

The big difference between what you are doing and what Ansel Adams did was he dry mounted fiber based photos onto mat boards to preserve them agains edge damage. He also always countermounted the same size and weight tothe back side of every mount to keep them flat. He used Seal ColorMount--a permanent dry mount tissue adhesive--and yes, they are still alive and well.

Digital canvases are a different animal altogether and the best way to handle them to display giclee--inkjet--canvas is to miount it. They can sag when stretched along with the need for additional canvas for wrapping. But not all adhesives will bond them. All adhesives are invasive regardless of dry, p-s, wet, or spray. Some are less damaging than others, but all will leave a residue in the canvas making them non "archival". So mounting an inkjet canvas is the state of the art for this type of medium.


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I did learn something from this thread.

I know what VITUPERATE means now. Thank you WIKI.


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I came across this thread while doing a search and pretty much read the whole thing. There is a lot of great information in here. It is unfortunate that things got a little venimous on both sides.

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Don't make us go all Montgomery on you Dave.:fire:
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