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Are perfect v-grooves possible?

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Take a sanding stick to it. Remember to wear protective eyewear.

Bob Doyle

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Well, you could stop laughing, then you'd have no laugh lines. Personally the alternative to aging really sucks! I'll put that option off as long as I can.


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"If you don`t like what you are doing,you can pick up your needle and find another groove". Timothy Leary...Course his was hypodermic. l.


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Nicely explained..........

Not so.....Try using a lead in,or "cheater strip"...a narrow beveled mat scrap that fits up against the bevel in your fall out.Most of the corner problems are caused by the blade meeting the resistance of the board and flexing a bit.Using the lead in strip means that this happens in a disposable scrap NOT your fallout.That should keep the corners looking good. Check the PFM back articles (matting section of course)There is a fabulous article (or two) about manual V-grooves..I keep a binder with all these articles printed out,great reference!BTW, The F-T website used to have some fabulous articles too,glad I snagged em before the change in the site. L....................(yeah It was said before..in this thread but it bears repeating....For the record, I`m Uber Anal!)
Nice explanation of the process of the "cheater strip". It is essential especially for newer framers.

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