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Atllanta Education Classes


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Will someone point me to the listing for the classes being offered in Atlanta? I think I've seen a list, but can't come up with it.

To all who are going or are thinking about it: we'll make sure there's no conflict with other meetings. It probably won't be anything other than completely informal, unless someone has better ideas. It's fun to be able to meet those you've been reading!
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The class schedule isn't ofical yet but if you contact John Redmond Of PPFA I'm sure he'll be glad to let you know since he is in charge of that.
Marie and I will be there again .We already have our flight and room reserved (Omni) .Weren't we going to use the smiley face stickers? Maybe we could meet at Fletcher's booth and get John Ranes to hand them out?
Let's take some more Photos to make those who don't come envious.


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Good ideas. And why did I think I'd already seen the class schedule? Either I'm regressing or prescient. Just seems it was out so that you could make those reservations way ahead of time. Thanx for the tip, and we'd better get our plans made, it would seem.

John Ranes II CPF GCF

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Merps Mom,

John Redmond of PPFA just posted (6/14/00)an announcement to the PPFA On-Line Exchange announcing that the full schedule will be on the PPFA site www.ppfa.com within the next two weeks.

Anyone who wishes to see a preliminary list, please e-mail me directly jerserwi@aol.com and I'll be glad to e-mail you back with a copy of that schedule.


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Appleton, Wisconsin

Jim Miller

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Point of clarification:
The "Clear Film Mounting" course, offered for the first time in Atlanta, is about how to mount with clear films such as DuPont Mylar-D. The course includes at least 8 different kinds of clear film mounts for items like archival documents, maps, fragile flat items and books.

Other clear films can often be used, but Mylar is the name most of us relate to. PPFA is rightfully concerned about brand name usage getting confused as endorsement. PPFA does not endorse any specific brands.

Jim Miller, CPFcm; GAFP Committee Member


The full educational schedule for the Perspective 2000 (Atlanta) convention has been added to PPFA's web site. You can access this schedule and register online at the following page:

A printed schedule will be included in DECOR's July issue.

Hope to see you in Atlanta!

John Redmond
PPFA Program Director
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