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Opinions Wanted ATM deposit lost


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
The biggest thing that bothers me is that this is CHASE! This isn't Corner Bank and Trust, it's Chase.
Corner Bank and Trust would never do that. The big boys think they can get away with anything.

I think that I would write a letter to your bank manager stating your case and the preferred resolution. I would give him a time period to resolve the matter. In the letter, I would state that if it is not solved to your satisfaction by this date you will be following up with:
President of Chase Bank
Your State’s Attorney General
Your State Senator
Your State Representative
Your US Senator (both)
Your US Representative
Small Business Administration Fraud hotline
Your State Banking Administration
The President of the company he claimed lost your deposit
Chamber of Commerce
Etc, etc, etc.

Let him be sorry that he ever messed with you and spend the next month on the phone answering inquiries. And I would apologize if he’s offended !

That’s what the radical Irish side of me would do. Make lots of noise.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Attorney General's offices are one of the most under utilized resources we as taxpayers have access to! Give them a call : )


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Attorney General's offices are one of the most under utilized resources we as taxpayers have access to! Give them a call : )

And they are usually quick to investigate any complaints ~ at least in Pennsylvania. And you can file the complaint quickly on the internet.

Bob Doyle

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I know it's probably next to impossible but if there was some way you could find out who else was affected by this, maybe you could pool your resources and compare stories. I remember you saying that yours wasn't the only deposit affected.
You'd all have to file acomplaint to the same office. Say your legislator (State or federal) or with the AG.

If you wrote a letter to the editor explaining what happened and that you were writing to the AG maybe others would write to the AG as well.


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
I was in error when I said I thought the bank had 3 days to clear a check. They can put a hold on that amount for 10 days waiting for the check to clear. After 10 days, the amount has to be credited to the account. They hold it in a "memo post" for that time. It won't appear on your statement as being credited, but will appear as a "memo". While that may not apply in this case as the transaction is in question, I think it gives you just a little bit more leverage with the bank. They're clearly out on a limb here and are behaving very un-professionally.


PFG, Picture Framing God
I had a problem with Chase Bank a few years back. My opinion of them is about the same as what I think about AT&T, sleazy, low life operations, run by idiots. Both companies are bottom scrapers that at one time were among the most respected in The U.S.



SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Seriously, file a complaint with the controller of currency (OCC). Do this even if you keep the money.


You know, since the threat of a lawyer was made they have said nothing more about it. I decided to wait and see if they make another move. I've opened an account at another small local bank, but I haven't closed that one yet...two checks are still out! I guess I'll have to speak with the manager again before I close it. But one thing I'll never do again is use the ATM for deposits!!


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Instead of starting a new thread I decided to resurrect this one.

My bank's branch had installed brand new ATM machines - they tout them as "paperless" - checks can be deposited without envelopes, one at a time, and they give you a print out with a image of the check on it!!! How cool is that?

This way under no circumstances will a bank ever be able to deny that you deposited a check, and if you are depositing more than one, they give you images of all of the checks on the same receipt (which I keep for at least a month until I see my statement).

Weird thing happened this evening, however - I was depositing two sequential checks from the same person into an account. The ATM took the first one, asked if I wanted to deposit any more checks, and I gave it the second one. An image of the check comes up on the screen and you enter the amount.

All of a sudden a message "This amount is not acceptable - take your check!" flashed on the screen so fast and before I could think the thing SPIT my check back out where it went sailing into the cubicle and onto the floor.

Did I enter the amount incorrectly? I do not know. Sheesh. At least one of the checks got in.

But until they go to a passbook system like my beautiful Scotiabank in Canada - it is an improvement and will have to do for now.

David N Waldmann

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Well at least you got your "unacceptable" check back. They could have just kept it and said you never gave it to them...


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Dee next ask for a copy of the Police report & the name of the investgating officer. \0/


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I agree it stinks but it doesn't suprise me. I had a similar thing happen years ago when I used the old knuckleduster for CC payments. Had to pay the slips in at the bank counter. I got a letter weeks after I paid one lot in saying they could not find the slips and they were debiting my acount. Phone call got me nowhere, but a few days later a guy from the bank (it was a mobile at the time) came in the shop with the little plastic bags full of the said 'missing' slips and asked, "Is this yours?". He went on to explain that there had been a new girl on the counter and she made a mistake in the processing.

So stand your ground. They are just trying it on. They will only get away with it if you let them. They know that if you go to legal action it will come down to who runs out of money first, so avoid going there. They will win in the end no matter what. But they don't like bad publicity....:icon11:
If we in our line of work treated our customers the same way as banks treat theirs, we wouldn't have any customers.


Framar- hang onto that receipt longer than a month! I was asked for it AFTER it appeared on my monthly statement. The ATM I used has now gone to one that prints copies of checks also but when I used it I also had issues with it not accepting checks. I don't use it anymore so I'm not sure if they have fixed that problem or not!

I closed that account but still look for that cursed ATM receipt. I think I have every one before that one and I certainly have all of them after--even from the drive-up window.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Maybe it's just blatant mistrust, but the only thing I use ATM's for is withdrawing cash. And I keep my w/draw slip. All other banking I do in person. That way if theres a problem, I can confront that person immediately.

2 weeks ago, I made a deposit in the drive thru. Teller came to the window to tell me I had made an error in addition. (Usually I include an calculator tape with the deposit added up, this day I neglected to do that.) So I'm in my car, no calculator to check, I took his word for it and told him to change the deposit. I get back to work and check it, HE WAS WRONG. Got back in my car and drove to bank and made him rectify the issue. Henceforth I will ALWAYS include the calculator tape with my deposit.

I don't trust machines any more than I do people.


WOW Framer
Mar, all I can hear now is the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld,
only he's saying, 'No check for you!' :)
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