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Average dollar amount per workorder? 7/09 Survey

Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
What is your average framing ticket order amount?
Note: for period of the past 12 months, custom framing only, individual pieces only, not including sales tax

Anonymous Monthly Survey & Discussion for July 2009
Are you seeing an increase or decrease in 2009? discussion welcome!

RESULTS from previous TFG surveys: LINK TO RESULTS

Grumble surveys are purely for fun, and to stimulate healthy/friendly discussion. Since the results only represent a relatively small group of participants, use them with caution.

Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
A special thanks to the 125 folks who participated. Now that we have the results, what do you think?

Poll Results: What is your retail avg for custom frames sold? (12 mos) (125 participants)
01% None / Does Not Apply / Not a Framer
02% Don't Know / Don't have a POS
01% Less than $50 avg per frame
03% $50-$74
02% $75-$99
12% $100-$124
16% $125-$149
12% $150-$174
19% $175-$199
05% $200-$224
06% $225-$249
10% $250-$274
05% $275-$299
06% greater than $300 avg per frame