Can someone help this fellow.

Larry Peterson

PFG, Picture Framing God
I received this email today. I suspect that some of you also received it. Can someone help him? It appears legitimate and he has a legitimate web site.

Hi Larry,

I apologize for troubling you with this request but I am not
able to get a response from the admin at The Grumble.

I joined in April but I never received the confirmation email
the site says is required to respond to.

I have requested the confirmation email five times over the
past several weeks, to no avail. I have tried The Grumble's
contact form at least three times but haven't received a reply.

I also tried registering with a different email address and
never did get any response to that attempt. I'm wondering if my
IP address has been blocked?

I searched the site extensively to find some clue as to how to
contact someone there.

Would you be so kind to, if you know how, contact the forum's
admin(s) and pass this message on to them?

Username: photo art

Thank you,

Jay Snively

jay @ jay . photo
937 -848 -2700
Bellbrook, OH, USA
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