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Cathedral frame sources


True Grumbler
Does anyone have a good source for Cathedral frames aside from Inline ovals? I need something really classy and antiquey. It is for two portrait photos from the turn of the century. Thanks!
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If you can provide us with the geometry, we can make the frame for you (and provide you with the acrylic).

Our finishing department can achieve whatever look you are going for provided it's leafed or painted.

This is true for circles, ovals, or really wacky shapes too.


Angry Badger
Wilson is but one of several companies quite capable of filling your needs. You are going to have to be very specific about what you want down to the last detail, and you are going to have to loosen the purse strings to get that level of service.
Besides Wilson, here is Rhonda Feinman, AMCI, and a handful of others including Robert O'Donnell, AKA Frame Master, who represents a number of smaller manufacturers of fine mouldings and frames.
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