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Chop & Length Picture Frame Moulding


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Im an ebay & etsy seller of length and chop picture frame moulding...custom frames..framed art..beveled mirrors & framing supplies such as cardboard corner protectors...real glass..etc. I sell length molding on ebay in 4 ft to 5 ft lengths..but can sell lengths up to 9 ft. Any molding we offer I can also sell as.chops. We have pistorius dual miter saw..plus morso chopper. So our miter cuts are perfect. I have 200 styles of molding frame makers like Studio and Nickell to Southern/Decor..then high end Italian * Spanish profiles. Want to sell some stuff cheaper here. So ignore any prices u see online. We also make & sell ready made Ive uploaded just few styles..we have over 200 moldings. can show u more. Will sell cheapm Also ready made frames...cheap. Email if interested in anything.20181111_130638.jpg20151115_224719~2.jpg20160416_154813.jpg20160617_151428~2.jpg


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