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Question Chops X M =


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
If a shop used chop service provided by (Ex. Fotiou & LJ) what do you think the M most likely would be: 2 2.5 3.0 over 3 ?

Chops % Stick%

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Grey Owl

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I sent you a pm. For me it would vary, depending on who the supplier is, and what their shipping policies are, and the moulding.

For example, some suppliers offer free shipping over x dollars. Some moulding styles ( eg some wood metallics) seem to have more damage coming in, so it costs more in time with them. Others have add on charges for smaller orders, say less than $200 retail.

In my system I start with a general factor (that is generally different for different suppliers) for length with another factor for st cut, and a 3rd for chop, and when first setting up that particular moulding series, I see if the approximate ratios yield the same price. I believe the retail price should be the same, regardless of how I purchase.

I have noticed for a few suppliers that their factor for chop over length is constant, (say hypothetically 2 to 1). But then you will occasionally see that same supplier have a higher ratio (hypothetically say 3 to 1) for a particular moulding so I automatically know that moulding must be a PIA to chop, so I would adjust my length or straight cut or chop factor to allow for problems in joining or cutting, or moulding damage.

Please note that I buy almost all of my moulding by length or st. cut. I only use chop on rare occasion.