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cleaning rags

Bob Carter

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We used to buy cleaning rags from a company called Spintex, but can't find them now. These rags are used for cleaning glass. Does anyone have a good source for these rags?
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I don't know of a source for the Spintex rags, but I do use the Tork Wipes "lint free" paper towels from M&M. They work quite well and are very strong.


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I use the linen towels my sister in law gets me from the hospital. Once a package is open, surgery can't save those towels for later.


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Try the new 3M cleaning cloths. They are excellent on acrylic and glass. There is no equal when cleaning AR Museum glass. They are a little pricey but you can wash them in the machine and use them over and over again.

We saw them demonstrated by United in NYC in March. Plus them come in colors so you can assign different tasks to different colors.

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If you don't have a relative who works in a hospital, you can get surgery towels from Arizona Medical Recovery 800-466-9180. They sell them by the pound. I bought a bunch ages ago ( I assume they are still in business) and they work great. Not expensive, and wash well. I use them for all kinds of cleaning. Just try not to think of what they were used for before you got them.

Bob Carter

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Cookie-Thanks for your response. Sometimes the simplest answer is right in front of you. We have a good client that fits the bill. His response was "How many do you need?" Pretty simple,huh. The 800 number for Az Medical is for someone else, but thanks for the effort.They must no longer be in business.

steve monaco

i first worked in a shop where they bought used (clean) diapers by the pound from a diaper service. not necessarily lint free! but we also cleaned glass with bon-ami cakes
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