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Discussion in 'Picture Framing Business Issues' started by B. Newman, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. B. Newman

    B. Newman SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    If you happened to catch the "Bud Shoot-out" last night (NASCAR race) then you heard Darrell Waltrip coin a new word (as only Darrell can. He is the Yogi Berra of the racing world!)

    This word was "co-op-petition". What it means is competitors who co-operate with one another for mutual benefit. Hmmm, much like we do. Well, at least when we are at such a distance that we feel more like friends than competitors. We're sometimes a little "less friendly" to those down the street.

    Then imagine my surprise when I opened my March issue of INC magazine to find an article called "Let's Be Friends." (New issue is not on the web site yet. I'll add the link when it becomes available.)

    It states that "new research shows that CEOs who become pals with their rivals do better than those who don't."

    A good friend of mine who is a strong supporter of PPFA Chapters has preached this for years. We're finally seeing some growth in some chapters and new beginnings for others, so maybe someone is finally listening.

    Maybe this spirit of "co-op-petition" will help us grow closer and stronger.

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  2. Jay H

    Jay H PFG, Picture Framing God

    Boogity Boogity Boogity!
  3. Elaine

    Elaine SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Jay - What does Boogity mean???

    I agree with Betty. I have found it in my little piece of the world with the photography gallery that "USED" to do (or attempt) custom framing. We work "together" now - he saw what we could do that he could not and conceded - he now refers customers to us. Saturday, as an example - a customer did not pay attention to our sign that we had moved our location, they walked into his shop - he sent them to our new location - RESULTS: $500 gift certificate for a husband to frame some sillouetes of the family.

    I don't think it hurts at all to be friendly with the competition - we might just learn something... And as Bob Carter stated - we wouldn't be trying to reinvent the wheel.

    my 2 cents

  4. B. Newman

    B. Newman SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    You'd have to follow NASCAR to understand. It's another "Waltrip" phrase... I think you could loosely translate it, "let's get the show on the road!"


    Oops, you asked Jay - sorry about that.
  5. Kevin Colbert

    Kevin Colbert CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    It is never a risk to share what you know. It is only a risk if you then do it for them. ;)
  6. J Phipps TN

    J Phipps TN SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I befriended a new framer that opened not long after I did. I even went to her ribbon cutting.(At her invitation of course)

    The result was great. She went out of business, not too long after that but she liked me, and ended up refering her customers to me when she left.

    Well worth the effort. Another business in town helps me out when I need things and I also do for them.

    I have one that won't even speak to me and I'm not sure they are saying nice things about me, But it will eventually bite them in the butt. I beleive it already has a few times.

    Anyway, I agree with you Betty.

  7. johnny

    johnny SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I read a book defining co-opetition just before I ended up going into a new mall along with a competitor. I had high hopes for cooperation for about a day and a half, then I got the call from (insert limited edition print dealer here who shall remain nameless) telling me my dealership had been pulled and "I should stick to selling my little posters." Nevermind that I was selling $1-$3k serigraphs and limited edition lithos on the low end. Now I say go to the mattresses.
  8. johnny

    johnny SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Oh, lest I forget the one that paid an employee of mine a commission for every contact she gave him, i.e. Company A comes in wanting a framing quote. She quotes them high, calls competitor with the info, he calls Company A and underquotes for the job, pays employee a "commission." Eventually flat out hires her and she comes back offering every other employee in my company a job with a raise, though no one else left.

    Or the one that hired away someone and sent them back in to spy before I knew about it.

    Or the one who ended up dating one of my managers sisters and even after she left she would come back in and ask all about things then drive over to his place and report.

    The one that put $7k of metal moulding on the back dock just before vanishing to open up a competing shop.

    Then there is the one that put a Voodoo curse on me.

    I really hope you have better competitors than I have. [​IMG] Hey, I'm a peach! I'd be happy to cooperate with someone as long as I can trust them further then I could throw them.
  9. Elaine

    Elaine SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

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