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Collage on F/C


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I have a customer, who brought to my shop a collage she did.The collage is glued to a 18X24 piece of regular F/C. :rolleyes:
I was planning, to attach it on top of a mat.The 2nd (raised) mat would show 1/2" of the bottom mat with the artwork 'floating'inside.
Would ATG 969 and Elmers white glue be a good choice to attach the F/C to the mat? :confused:
The customer and I are going for looks not for 100% archival. I still be using acid-free matting, because that's the only matting I offer. :D
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Unless it is warped or very heavy, I would hinge it with linen tape on all four sides.


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Jo's idea is a good one. The linen tape has a strong enough adhesive to hold the foam board and the cloth tape should give support that will not fail if the frame is bumped, as glues might. Such
hinges can be slit, if the item has to be removed
from the frame.

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