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For Sale: CTD mitre saw and a few other tools

Manpreet KALER

Grumbler in Training
CTD double mitre saw
Model - D45
blade rpm 3725
3 Phase power
Made in america
We have owned in for approx 10 years
Excellent conditions no issues, runs great. Both foot operated and pneumatic press.
Extra set of blades
Asking $1000 please contact for shipping,

Dry tac, tac I laminating press 24x24 regular 110v
made in Canada works great no issues. thermostat works and temp gauge.

Located in Calgary Alberta Canada.
Please Email me directly at Ms_kaler63@hotmail.com
to view in person please call 403-971-6060

DSCN9375.JPG Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 7.16.02 PM.png
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