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Decorative Mat Instructional Series

Grey Owl

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Series of 5 decorative mat guides, as follows:

1. Colored Bevels: 30 pages. - $20
2. Decorative Papers: 25 pages - $20
3. Layered Bevels: 22 pages - $20
4. Lines & Ruling Pens: 40 pages - $20
5. Mats, Mounts & Reversible Mounting: 69 pages - $30.

All 5 for $90. All in an electronic version - PDF files.

Guides have lots of pictures. These are a more formalized collection of my notes, sketches and photographs about the various topics. These are a great resource if you plan on doing any decorative mats, or using reversible mounting methods.

Email me at GreyOwlFraming@Gmail.com to order. Tell me which ones - I will send an electronic invoice via Square. Once you pay electronically, I will email them to you.
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