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Double-Necked Guitar


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Do any of you fine people have experience mounting a double-necked guitar?

We have previously mounted regular guitars with custom fabricated acrylic mounts that attached to the guitar strap attachment screws. This guitar is significantly larger and heavier than ones I've done in the past. I'm concerned about the strength and stability of that kind of mounting on this one.

The depth of the guitar is not a concern at this point. We are going to have an acrylic case created for it. We are only worried about how to support it. What is the best non-invasive practice for holding something like this in a frame? (For what it's worth, there is a second strap mount screw centered on the bottom of the guitar that doesn't show in the photos.)

Guitar Back.jpg Guitar Front.jpg

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Figure it this way... those strap attachment screws are able to hold the guitar on the strap so why wouldn't they be strong enough to use as mounting points like you did on the single neck one.
The guitar maker designed them to hold the extra weight of this guitar.
just remember to make the acrylic thicker.


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I recently mounted a single neck guitar using the advice on this forum. That person suggested using the screws that bolt the neck to the body (loosen the strings A LOT first!).

I drew out a template on kraft paper and positioned the guitar where I wanted it, and then drew an outline around the entire guitar with felt pen. I then laid the guitar on the table and laid the kraft paper over it so the outline aligned with the guitar. I then did a brass rubbing technique with penscil over the neck brace so I could see where the screws were.

Once I had the background mat board glued to a 1/8" plywood, I placed the kraft paper over the matboard and drilled where the screws appeared to be.

I then removed two screws at a time, laid the guitar on the mat/plywood base and replaced the screw nails.

Placing the other two screw nails was a bit trickier because they aren't easily removed now that the guitar is on the plywood, but I solved this by drilling holes big enough to withdraw the screws, and then replaced them using washers so the srew heads wouldn't fall thru the holes.

So simple, Glad I could use the suggestion posted on here by someone else.


PFG, Picture Framing God
The double neck guitar is a Gibson SG double neck knockoff.
The Gibson guitars don't use a plate to bolt the neck to the body as Fender guitars do.

So, I would use the strap bolt at the base of the body of the guitar as one attachment point and you could also use the tuning pegs as an attachment point by wrapping either formed rods covered with shrink wrap or you can also easily use black solid core electrical wire to wrap around a couple of the tuning pegs where they won't be seen and have the rubber coated wires go thru the backing to be tied and wrapped on the backside of the backing.

As far as the body strap bolt, you could make a plexiglass bracket or I have used a simple angle bracket like this one for the strap bolt and I just rounded the corners on a grinder and painted it black or whatever will work.
Just bolt the bracket facing into the body and set the guitar into the vertical part and attach.
Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 10.46.34 PM.png
You can use a felt washer or a rubber washer between the bracket and the guitar to prevent any scratching.


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Thanks for the advice. We will proceed as usual mounting it with the strap screws, but I think we will also reinforce that using the tuning pegs as NeilFramer suggested.

I appreciate the help from all of you!
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