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double sided framing- clear acrylic box?


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
I have a 12" x 20" piece that is about 12 ply thick that needs a double sided frame. What are my options?
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WOW Framer
Hi, lastboat. What medium is your piece made of, and upon what substrate? Thanks! :)


Frame it the way you would but back it with acrylic instead of acid free.

Then put spacers behind the framed package to hold everything in the frame, let the spacers finish flush with the back of the frame.

Use a nice (archival if needed) linen tape to finish off the back.

If you are matting, you may sink the matte and have a matte on both sides, still using acrylic in the back and spacers to hold the assembly together.

D rings to hang - frame should be enough to hold it up without bowing from the weight.

If you are leaning toward an acrylic solution, I can help you with that. We usually make a normal acrylic box, then we use 1/2" acrylic as a strainer/backing.

The 1/2" acrylic gets holes that are tapped (threaded). Then we go with either stainless or polycarb (clear plastic) machine screws to hold the backing in place.

A cleat gets attached to the verso of the 1/2", little "bump-on" pieces get attached to the bottom so the whole case sits flat on the wall.

It is a very, very contemporary look - if your client wants acrylic, this is the way to go (lots of shiny polished surfaces).

If your client would prefer a frame, the first option is the way to go.

Good luck!


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Gemini/ Showcase Acrylics does an acrylic sandwich frame made of three layers. The center layer has a laser cut opening to allow space for magazines or other flat objects. Maybe something like that would work for this application.

Scroll down to the Steve Jobs book for an idea of what it looks like...

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