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David Hewitt

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While attending one of Rob Markoff's lectures (Large Art Installation) he talked about certifications for Hospital work environments.
As I recall, there was Dust-Buster certification , TB testing, and MMR Immunization.
I would like to acquire all of this, but I need guidance as to which certifications would be recognized by the majority of medical facilities in my area. (Florida-Georgia)
So far I can't find anything on Dust Buster, but Have found ICU Infection Control University.
Please Advise as to your knowledge on this subject.{A response from Rob would be greatly appreciated)
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Perhaps someone at one of the medical facilities could tell you?


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I think Rob has to do that because of the rules of doing business in California in health facilities.
I know several installers that work in hospital/clinic situations and the only thing I heard about was a workman's comp requirement (or a waiver).
One that I know of in Jacksonville has worked in most of the counties of NE Florida with no certification required.
Heck, I've installed art in a cancer clinic just next to the proton therapy machines (there was some construction, so they asked that I wear a hard hat), and I don't have personal liability or workman's comp, and no one asked.

The person to ask at a hospital is the head of facility operations (probably goes by different names). They have to know everything about what is required to work there.

The lack of requirements mat also mean a lack of training available.


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I'm working on 3 hospital jobs right now.
I've done many of them in the past and the only requirement, at least in this area, is security hangers.
I try to avoid any drilling and I punch the holes for security hangers creating almost no dust.
We also use the envelope method of catching any dust or debris and we bring a small portable vacuum to use as needed. It does have a HEPA filter.

I did a behavioral health facility a while back and all of the pictures and frames had to be locked to the walls and caulked to the walls with a non-ligature hospital specified caulk so there are no spaces to hang anything from.
When we did the installation I went into one of the sort of dorm rooms to borrow a chair and I discovered that the chairs and tables in these rooms weigh about 200 pounds and can barely be lifted so they can't be thrown....:oops:
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David Hewitt

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Wally, it is a requirement in calf. and probably so in many other parts of the country. In my area it is not, or at least has not been questioned, I just want to be prepared, for if and when it happens to be the rule here.
I know in our area, any work done in the schools, and government facilities, you need to have a background ck. Example, I installed works at the Governors residence and needed a additional immediate current back ground ck. plus two security officers had to be with me at all times.