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Liquidation: Entire contents of framing shop... or business.

Discussion in 'Commercial Posts, For Sale of Framing Shop Stuff a' started by Mike Conlon, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Mike Conlon

    Mike Conlon Grumbler in Training

    We are closing out a business and either selling it, or liquidating.

    Established business -- over 20 years -- with good location in Southern Maine; can review numbers if needed. Without much marketing, we were holding even, but not taking a salary. With marketing push and full time, dedicated owners, we would expect it to start being viable in short order. Sale of business: $20k. Can also talk of continuing a 50% partnership for buyout of former partners @ $10k.

    Otherwise, liquidating as follows:

    Closing up shop, everything has to go. We were a full-service custom frame shop and art gallery – sale of equipment and inventory includes all you would need to go into business or duplicate equipment and supplies you already have.


    Current stock frame corners from Larson Juhl, Omega, Décor, and more.

    100s of feet of frame stick, metal and wood

    100s of mat full sheets + usable pieces

    100s of pieces of glass + usable pieces

    Foam core, assembled frames, framed art, unframed posters and prints

    1000s of pieces of hardware, mounting equipment, frame restoration supplies, and all the misc. stuff you might need.

    Fixtures: front L-shape counter, wall-mount sliding units for corner displays, mat storage + table space, flat files, shelving, file cabinets, etc.


    Morso guillotine cutter

    Cassese cs89 underpinner + parts, and lots of pins + Kobalt 5.5 gal compressor

    Rigid chop saw with Clearmount framing table + about half a dozen extra carbide blades

    Sears and Roebuck scroll saw (unused, vintage, condition unknown)

    VacuSeal 4468H vacuum press and heat sealer/laminator

    C&H Bainbridge Ovalmaster oval cutter (mat, glass)

    Carithers Mat cutter, model CMC48

    Fletcher Mat cutter

    Shrink wrapper, “3086-32 Shrink Packager”

    Fletcher 3000 glass cutter

    3 sets of frame vises, including 2 mounted on table.

    Various hand tools

    Looking to clear out everything – one money for all: $12,500/obo. Shop’s located in South Berwick, Maine, about 1.5 hrs north of Boston, about 20 min from 1-95 Kittery exit. Should be able to load everything into a large U-Haul truck. Will take offers on specific equipment, fixtures, or lots of supplies, but holding out through Oct 21 for bulk sale before parting out by piece or lot.

    Pix of equipment, supplies, and fixtures can be seen at the following DropBox link:
    W.D. Quinn Saw Co.
  2. Bill l

    Bill l Grumbler in Training

    What type of condition is the vacu seal press and how much you looking for it. I could be interested in other items but that’s the main item.
  3. Becky woodruff

    Becky woodruff Grumbler in Training

    HOw Much are you selling your joiner under pinner for? Thanks, becky (Chapel Hill NC)
  4. Becky woodruff

    Becky woodruff Grumbler in Training

    How Much are you selling your joiner underpinner for? Becky (Chapel Hill NC )
W.D. Quinn Saw Co.

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