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Going out of Business and everything must go! I have a Fletcher 3000 wall mount glass and mat cutter $1,250. 42-40'' vacuum mount $200; 36'' craft paper holder $50 (has about 3/4 role left); Ch advantage Pro mat cutter $700; attach-ez kit $40; Morso F Mitering Machine w/3 sets of blades $2,000. Lots of Mat board. Prefer not to ship but will work that out with buyers. Feel free to ask any questions.
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Jeff Rodier

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Welcome to the Grumble.

Post your location and the size of the mat cutter. You will also find that photos of equipment posted moves it faster than anything you can say about it.


Grumbler in Training
Post Update

The Fletcher mat cutter is a 60'' and I am located in Greeneville, TN about 90 miles west of Asheville, NC and 90miles NE of Knoxville, TN. Will post photos soon.

Ray Bragg

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You might also want to check your prices aganist other items posted here, if you really want to move these items. You seem to be mighty high!!!!!!!