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Equipment For Sale

Jim Miller

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
We have accumulated several good pieces of surplus framing equipment. These were either replaced in our shop by upgraded machines, or were bought to use in a planned second location, which we have decided not to start at this time.

All of these items are in good working condition; no parts or repairs of any kind are needed before putting them to work. Prices do not include packaging or shipping. Photos are available if you're seriously interested.

Here's the list:

Carithers Classic 60" matcutter with the better, new-design hinges; mat guide and squaring arm; very good condition....$600.00

Carithers Classic matcutter, same as above except 48"; seldom used....$500.00

Morso Chopper, well maintained and in perfect working order; includes 2 spare sets of knives....$1,400.00

Glass Cutter; wall-mounted, 48" Keeton; steel bar/rod with brass operating head; cuts glass (uses standard cutters) and boards (uses ordinary utility blades or standard matcutter blades). Well maintained and in perfect working order....$300.00

V-Nailer; Miter-Mite (ITW-AMP) pneumatic model #VN2+1; includes operating heads for 7mm, 10mm and 15mm V-nails; with variable-angle, steel floor stand; very good condition....$1,500.00

Oval/circle matcutter; Ancient "New Springfield"; cast iron machine with bronze bearings; it's old and heavy, but it cuts a nice oval...$200.00

Dahle 36" paper cutter....$100.00

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