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Equipment for sale


True Grumbler
I have the following picture framing equipment I would like to sell $ 4,000. take all. I closed my shop and I need the room. I am located in North East Iowa.

3646M-HS Vacu Seal, with factory stand by Seal Products

210m Sea Commercial drymount press 20 x24

Model F Morso Mitring machine

60” Fletcher 3000 wall cutter ( for glass, mat, and plastic cutting )

OMC 550T 3m Oval mat cutter

5000 Wizard CMC Mat Cutter with air compressor

2100 Fletcher Mat Cutter with production stops and extension with cutting table

VN 2+1 Mitre-Mite with table

Print Mount PM/Series Cold Press 40 x 48

SP-32 Clearmount shrink wrap system

Frame Square 51” trim cutter

4 Frame Vises

16” x 16” paper cutter

24” x 24’ paper cutter

32’ x 38’’ paper cutter

4’ x 8’ framing table with mat storage below

2 36” kraft paper roll holders

1 24” kraft paper roll holder

24 pc FrameMica nail hole filler assortment by Untied States Picture Frame

Over 250 Crescent Regular Mat Boards

1/8 x 32" x 40" foam core

1/8 x 40” x 60” foam core

3/16 x 32” x 40” foam core

Assorted sizes of glass in boxes 16” x 20”, 18” x 24”, 20” x 24”, 22” x28, and 24” x 30"

Several wall mounted Moulding Corner Displays

3 Up right swivel Moulding Corner racks

Several feet of miscellaneous Wood Moulding

Scotch ATG 700 tape gun

Plus assorted framing and mating tools and supplies

I also have all the manuals for all of the above equipment. I can send photos of the equipment.

Thank you Ken
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