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PFG, Picture Framing God
Paul, welcome to The Grumble, I remember reading your articles back in the early 60s in Decor magazine. I think Decor was my main source of information back in those days.

Framers only had about ten or twelve colors of acid free boards back then. I remember using masking tape on just about everything when I first started. We did have acid free linen tape we used for "conservation framing".

Backings where mostly corrugated cardboard. Times have changed. We used utility knives and straight edges to cut mats, now it's done by computers. Anyway, welcome to the Grumble,



PFG, Picture Framing God
Originally posted by CharlesL:
Oh, to be a moderator on this forum...

I would delete, yes, delete this thread so fast it'd make your head spin!
Chuck, We must be reading different threads, other than JRB sniping a little yesterday, of which he apologized for later, there seems to be a reasonable discussion here. Apparently, some people feel very passionately about their point of view. I do believe Wally would have your head on a platter if this was erased...........

All these threads on FACTS has made me look at what it means to me. All points of view are welcome. I never would have even considered JRB's thoughts on it being used against us. But, I still see it in the same light I did before the discussion. I welcome the possibility of "standards" that I can count on to make my decisions in my day to day business. There is so much confusing info out there. I am not a scientist, I am happy to know there is a standard out there that is acceptable that I can rely on.

It will make us all more accountable, including the manufacturers, this is a good thing. The way i see it it will elevate the whole industry. Thank you FACTS.

I do hope they will take JRB's suggestion and create a "FACTS for Dummies" though. It is very hard to absorb.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I to am glad to see you made the fray Paul .Welcome in deed.
However Just what caused you to give the phoentic spelling of the little strip of wood ? We down here in New Orleans have no problem with how it is said but then I think we discussed that once before.LOL
Charles BUDDY Drago CPF ®


PFG, Picture Framing God
I think it should be pronounced "filly" just to be different.... or perhaps 'thilly' just to be even more different....

Jerry Ervin

PFG, Picture Framing God
Welcome to the Grumble Paul Frederick! We can use someone with knowledge and experience here. I know there is not much we can offer you but if you would be willing to share from time to time some of us would be most appreciative.

nona powers

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
The FACTS Synopisis for framing. The paragraph numbers are used so you can reference back to the original document.
Paragraph 1.00 Introduction: The guideline provides the Guides for preservation when framing artwork of any kind.
Paragraph 2.00 General Considerations: Allows Guideline exceptions to accommodate the wishes of the client, availability of materials and/or techniques; exceptions shall be noted.
Paragraph 3.01: The objective of preservation framing is to create a non-invasive environment.
Paragraph 5.02: All procedures performed with any materials that include attachment to the artwork shall be reversible without damage to either the artwork or its support.
Paragraph 5.05: Artwork shall be completely separated and isolated from any potentially damaging materials by an impermeable barrier such as glass or metal.
Paragraph 6.02: All materials shall be safe for the item.
Paragraph 6.03: Paints & inks shall be non-bleed and non-migrating.
Paragraph 8.01: All attachments shall be removable without damage to the artwork or its support. (Hinging method must be easily removable with clear water, leaving no residue.)
Paragraph 9.01: Refers to FACTS GLZ-2001 6.02, which states that for glazing to be recognized as having significant UV Blocking Qualities, it shall block no less than 90 percent of all light in the 300 to 400 nanometer range.
Paragraph 10.01: Artwork should be separated from the glazing by window mats or spacers. Minimum is one 4 ply matboard.
Paragraph 10.02: All artwork shall be at minimum one inch away from all wood surfaces including wood frames, fillets and liners. 10.03: unless the wood has an impermeable barrier.
Paragraph 11.01: The back of the frame shall be covered with a non-invasive material to reduce the invasion of pests and normal dust contamination.
Paragraph 11.03: Frame shall be sized to allow for normal expansion and contraction of the art; (11.04) shall be of sufficient size and/or strength to securely hold the art; (11.07) hanging method and materials should be adequate; (12.01) designed to place minimum stress on the frame; (12.03) equipped with a method of spacing out from the wall a minimum of 0.100 inch (bumpers on frames lower corners)
Paragraph 14 contains Guidelines for Periodic Maintenance Considerations. 14.01: Preservation results from proper framing, good display conditions and periodic care. All are at the discretion of the owner.
Paragraph 15 summarizes the guideline:
¸ No material or technique not considered safe for that artwork or item shall be
employed in framing.
¸ After preservation framing has been performed, the condition of the artwork is
dependent upon display conditions and periodic care and maintenance.
¸ Information concerning preservation and proper display conditions shall be discussed with the client…the client shall approve any exceptions from this standard.

I don't agree with every word of the FACTS Guidelines but that is where I as a framer can have an influence, if I care about standards and will work to have and keep them. If I'm not involved and don't support FACTS financially, I have no say. FACTS can help save art, but it also lets everyone who handles or owns art know some basic guidelines on how to frame correctly within certain parameters.

Nona Powers, CPF