F100-5 Saw Fence Kit

Stephen Enggass

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Has anyone here used the Logan F100-5 Saw Fence Kit with their miter saw setup?

Debating wether to try something like this or build my own miter extension setup.

there is always the Clearmount system as well:
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I have the Phaedra system and it is considerably more robust than the one pictured. They aren't made any more, but they do come on the market fairly often.
I'm not familiar with the Clearmont system but it appears to have its proponents as well.
Logan is more well known for hobby grade equipment, though their top of the line manual mat cutter is very nice. It was originally made by the same folks that made the Phaedra measuring bench.
Unless you have mad woodworking skills, or an abundance of spare time, buying a system is probably the way to go.

Here's a source for used equipment. https://www.skylinepictures.com/Used_Framing_Equipment.htm
There are others.


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The only downside I can see is only having one side for measuring. Looking online the cost is about $100. so cheap enough to try. The Clearmount has all the bells and whistles ( measuring & clamping) and I'm going to guess is closer to $1000. Take a look at some of the woodworking/tool sites I'm sure you can find a reasonable price solution out there.


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Talk to Steve at Skyline. Sometimes he can come up with a good used piece of equipment for what you might spend to get something new that is very basic. I have seen the Clearmount system set up in Vegas and know several people who use it and like it. Anything you buy, new or used, will need some tweaking. And you can expect a learning curve as you cut different mouldings and profiles. If you are near a distributor who sells equipment, make an appointment to visit and see what they are using. It is very helpful to have someone nearby who is familiar with the tools you are using. Good luck.


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Might check into these measuring scales if you need them.
I ordered them about 2 years ago for our CTD D45 double mitre saw and for the 2 chop saws that we have.
This company has specific ones for each type of saw and they are peel and stick and must be applied exactly to get accuracy.
Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 7.52.37 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-02-08 at 7.56.04 PM.png
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Pat Murphey

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I have a Phaedra set with a Makita saw that will be for sale, pickup only, NW NJ. Check the commercial section in a few days.


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The setup that Pat is going to sell is the same as the one I have (don't know if it is the same model Makita). I've had mine with the current saw for 20+ years.
I do have another saw for cutting wood mouldings. After I got that the Phaedra system was dedicated to cutting metal.