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Flatbed Applicator Table or Upright Cold Laminator


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Placing aside the issue of cost, available space and adhesive material types for now. Which of the two options would provide the flattest, highest quality, micro bubble free application time and time again to mount photos and prints (some glossy) which are non tolerant to heat onto ACM, Aluminium and Foamboard across a wide area using a quality Double sided Twin Release Cold Mount Pressure Sensitive Film.

Flatbed Applicator Table or Upright Cold Laminator?
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I had to look both of your terms up.
The only mounting equipment that I have used are the Seal 500T, and various Vacuum Presses.
I'm pretty sure that some framers use Roller Laminators, but I have never even seen Flatbed Applicator.
As to which does a better job, I couldn't tell you.



The microbubbles you are talking about have less to do with equipment and more to do with operational environment (dust) and quality of raw materials.

The equipment decision should be made based on what kind of jobs you get.

Do you do roll to roll? Then you need a roll to roll laminator.

Is this all one off, mount to single surface? Then a standing unit is easier to work with, albeit less versatile.

A roll to roll laminator will provide you with more capabilities but a larger learning curve.

For your described intended use - I'd get an application table without a doubt.
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