Football jerseys with "mesh" portions

Frances M.

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Currently have a number of football and hockey jerseys. I've done them over the years but we don't do them often enough for me to whip through them. I have a signed "replica" jersey from a university that has an open weave through the chest and back, with the usual shiny stuff on sides and shoulders. I have made a foamcore form for it and I'm not sure if I'm overthinking the light foamcore showing through the mesh or not. Other than making a form out of the black foamcore that I have, which is not acid-free, do those of you jersey pros even worry about that? Appreciate any tips.
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I would shove any old piece of white fome cor into the jersey to give it a bit of a stretch then try looking at it is various lights and from various angles. If the mesh is dark the white will probably show through somewhere and if it does I would add a bit of suitably coloured matboard over the fome cor.

Joe B

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If you don't want to use an acid free black FC or if the black shows through to much just cover the front of the FC form with a cotton fabric of close to the same color. Any fabric store will carry cotton quilting solid colored fabric in a multitude of colors. The fabric is inexpensive and will add minimum bulk.


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Not sure if I would worry too much about the acidity of the black foam core. If the white is too bright, I’d cover it with a black matboard, or fabric as suggested
I also don’t always use a form. Some are better off more loose looking.


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If you are worried about the color of the foamboard showing, you could always add matboard the color of the backing to your form.