For sale: approx. 140 Crescent 20x30 white mats

Brian Smith

Grumbler in Training

I have a bulk lot of Crescent photo mats that were ordered from our framing supplier (I am not a framing supplier) for a project that never materialized. Photos are attached. There were three boxes of 50 apiece, two of which have been opened and one of which has not... from what I've counted I believe there to be just over 140 of them here, specs as follows:

Inside opening 20x30
Outside edges 27x37
Mat width 3.5 inches

Inside edge is beveled.

Markings on back of mats are as shown in the photos... I believe this to be some sort of product code but not sure.

I have had these things taking up space for a few years now and want to find them a home. I will take best offer and will cover shipping myself. Any questions about them just let me know.


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