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For sale, Wizard Mat Cutter / or take over the lease


PFG, Picture Framing God
I have purchased a Fletcher 6100, I no longer need my Wizard.

You can take over the lease for $200.00 per month, everything is guaranteed by Wizard as long as you have the cutter. There is a $250.00 or $385.00 lease transfer fee. I got those numbers from two different people at Wizard, so I'm not sure which is correct.

The other option is you can purchase it outright from me for $11,000.00. If you purchase it, Wizard will give you a brand new computer w/ 17" monitor for it. If you lease it, you can use your own computer or purchase the one I bought from Wizard a few months ago for $700.00. The computer I have is loaded with over $5000.00 worth of corners, bought and paid for, those are included for free with the computer.

This Wizard is tweeked in right on the money. One of the Wizard factory people was in my shop a while back and said it was the best cutting Wizard he had seen.

If your thinking about a CMC, this is the least expensive way of getting one in your shop. And it is one sweet cutting machine.

All prices are FOB San Diego, CA

If your interested, Call me at 619-223-5313 or e-mail me at jbframe@pacbell.net

My new machine will be ariving in about a week. When it is set up and running I will ship the Wizard back to them that same week, so please let me know if you want it before then.

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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Just curious - why did you switch CMC's ? I've been looking at both, and am curious why you chose as you did.


PFG, Picture Framing God
Hi Elaine, If you look at the thread on The Grumble " trading up from a Wizard to a Fletcher" That will explain it quite a bit.

I was offered a deal from Fletcher Terry for a factory re-built 6100 for $15750.00. That worked out to $190.00 more per month than I'm paying now for my Wizard. After four years it will be paid in full, the Wizard will never be paid for.

The Wizard is a darn good machine and for just $200.00 per month, with all parts replaced free as needed by the factory it can not be beat by any other CMC. Especially if your just starting out with a CMC.

I think the Fletcher is a more rugedly built machine. The Fletcher will cut 8 ply mats, it's quieter and faster. My main reason though is it will be a permanent asset to my business. I have seen it cut and I'm still not 100% convinced it will cut as good as the Wizard. My Wizard was not all that great at first, but I was able to tweek it in and now it is absolutly right on the money as far as cutting mats is concerned. I figure I will be able to do the same to the Fletcher.

If your just getting into a CMC, I honestly feel you can not beat taking over a Wizard lease program. Taking over a lease will save you about $4200.00 over the first two years, also mine is loaded with over 100,000 corners, if you purchase the computer.


Tim Hayes.

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I have a Wizard that I have been leasing for about three years. In that period of time I have had to replaced two Wizard computer drivers(that rectangular box with the Wizard logo on the side) and one complete cutting head assembly - all at NO additional cost. According to the invoices, which are voided once you return the old malfunctioning part, that would have totaled close to $6,000 in parts. Wizard shipped the parts overnight and paid for shipping both ways. They provide great tech support and you can douwnload neat mat designs. I'm happy

Tim Hayes
The Framing Guild
Falls Church, VA
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