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For Sale: Frame and print shop


We have been framing art and memorabilia along with printing for years. We have lasers, state of the art Epson printers (17 and 65 inch) wide, roller laminators for face mounting (65-inch-wide), heat press, underpinner, Various saws top of the line Valiani Mat cutter, in a city of 300,000 with only one other very small independent frame shop. Lots of extras. At one point we were doing almost a million dollars per year in production framing. Our equipment reflects that. Located in a prime retail location in the same shopping center as Hobby Lobby. They refer lots of business to us. My lease is coming up and I am in my 60's and want to sell. We do have retail and also clients around the world for our wholesale business. Included are thousands of vector files which we used as framers for Antiquities of San Francisco. We are one of the best equipped frame shops. Please contact me at 209-605-9815. Located in Modesto California
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Sponsor Wanted