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Frame shop closed - All items for sale - hundreds of framed pictures too !!


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Frame shop closed -- Items are now in a climate controled storage - lots of decorative accessory items for a new shop - All items worth $500,000 retail --
Hundreds of joined frames of various mouldings - many 32x40 and 40x60: different styles and colors of acid-free mats, all types of glass (UV, regular, reflection control, MUSEUM), foamboards, etc....
A lot of different genres of drymounted pics ready to be trimmed and framed too: (comic, movie, horror, music, actors, actresses, etc...)
Framed pictures range from signed original drawings/paintings to drymounted posters, signed prints, limited editions, one-of-a-kinds, 3D paper sculptures, original movie posters, etc...
Items boxed up now -- and would have to be picked up and transported from the storage -- (2) full size tractor trailers worth of beautiful goods !!!!!
All the hardware and tools you need to get your frame shop up and running: picture hooks, d-rings, wire, screws, framer's points and gun, ATG 924 tape and gun,
bump-ons, cardboard corners, brown and black 36" paper rolls, 3" core tape rolls, 5" plastic wrap rolls, Milwaukee battery drill/bits, 4468H Drymount Press, CMC Wizard 9000, etc....
Pics of shop, window treatments and some framed items available upon request -- You really must see it all to appreciate it's value and beauty - lots of great gifts !!
Located in North/Central New Jersey, near Madison Park, NJ - :)
Looking to sell the entire lot at once -- $275,000 -- please call to discuss :) 551-200-1382
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