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Opinions Wanted Frame shop quality gaurantee?

Discussion in 'The Voting Booth' started by Mike Labbe, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Mike Labbe

    Mike Labbe Member, Former moderator team volunteer

    Do you guarantee your work?

    Monthly Survey & Discussion for July 2008

    Results are anonymous

    Do you guarantee the work that leaves your shop? For failure, for design? Is it in writing?​

    Discussion and opinions are welcomed for this important topic.

    RESULTS from previous TFG surveys: LINK TO RESULTS

    Grumble surveys are purely for entertainment value, and to stimulate healthy/friendly discussion. Since the results only represent a relatively small group of participants, use them cautiously.
  2. Mike Labbe

    Mike Labbe Member, Former moderator team volunteer

    Customer Satisfaction Policy Survey (89 participants)
    Survey Time Stats: Average Completion Time: 1min 5sec (Min: 0min 11sec, Max: 5min 23sec)

    Is your customer satisfaction policy displayed in writing?
    Examples: signage, printed on paperwork, website, etc
    71% NO
    29% YES

    If customer does not care for their mat or moulding selection during the first month:
    28% They pay for materials only, at discounted price
    27% They pay nothing (work done at shop expense)
    21% They pay for materials only, at regular price
    15% They pay full price for re-do (materials and labor)
    10% OTHER - explained in forum
    00% They pay for labor only

    How long do you warrantee your work for free repair?
    Examples: failed hinge, particles inside pkg, moulding issues, etc
    01% Less than 1 month
    04% 1 - 6 months
    04% 6 - 12 months
    11% 1 - 2 years
    02% 2 - 3 years
    00% 3 - 4 years
    04% 4 - 5 years
    08% 5 - 10 years
    02% 10 - 15 years
    02% 15 - 20 years
    60% 20+ years

    Discussion continues here: http://www.thegrumble.com/showthread.php?t=32621

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