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I'm dragging an old Frame Square saw out of storage and was wondering if anyone who has one of these has crafted some sort of dust collection system.

I found a couple of older threads about this but was wondering if anyone has a good solution that they are currently using.

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The best system I've ever used was more of dust handling not collection. I purchased a blower from Grainger and used 6" metal duct work to pipe it outside and blow it into the woods. At the time I didn't have any neighbors within a mile. It worked great for many years.

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Probably nothing off the shelf. Woodcraft and possibly Granger, and Grizzly on line should have all the bits and pieces to cobble together something. Biggest challenge would be getting a vacuum system powerful enough to overcome the air gaps in a sliding table saw and quiet enough to use in a retail location.
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Melinda Tennis

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I cut a piece of 1/4" plywood to the size of the clear out hole in the right side. I attached it with 1/8" offset clips and cut a round hole in it, the diameter of my dust collector hose end. I have a switch that turns the dust collector on when I start the saw.
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