framing a large photo size about 50x70" or larger


Hi all,

I am framer in Vietnam, I have some photo size 130cm x 170cm (seems 50" x 70") , 140cm x 200cm, these large sizes can not laminated. I use oak (beech) wood frame with 2cm width and 3cm deep and use acrylic glass 3mm to cover on front and backing is constructed with pine wood around the edges of hardboard (backing) to support frame.

I try to stretch photo by stick the edge of photo on front (about 3mm) by tape and pull back to the backing board (around of photo). After completing frame and leave it as natural some few days, photo is flat, but when hanging them on wall there is cockle or waving... So is there any way to stretch the large photo to make it flat
I need some ideas to help. Please see photo as attachment this customer complainsviber image.jpg


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Hello framer from Viet Nam,

As far as mounting, am I correct in thinking that you have secured the art to a backing board (mount board) all the way around the 4 sides of the art? If so, the art has no choice but to cockle (wavy not flat). Paper expands and contracts. The best method for mounding would be hinges at the top. Loose hinges on the sides and bottom will allow for some movement and reduce the cocking.


I think the paper expands and contracts, thank you for your advice, I will follow your wayviber image2.jpg , and here (attached photo) is also a problem, size 150cm x 200cm I got headache !1


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If you put any paper in a frame like that it will go wavy. Not can, will.

Even if you carefully hinge it and leave expansion room it might still do it to a lesser extent. Especially in your climate.

I would go so far as the say the only way to keep anything of that scale flat is to stick it down.

Sorry for the lame answer, but there are no magic solutions. :(

Pat Murphey

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
You can't glue it down. Those waves will become wrinkles. The only solution is to use spacers to give the piece room to hang naturally, warts and all. The tight waves you see now are from compressing the piece. I hope that they are not now permanent.


Thank you, you all. I dont know how to, but I finally use another acrylic 3mm (rigid, flat) cut the same size of photo to support the back of photo and use P90 tape to stretch each edge and taping on the backing of acrylic. of course, the backing also supported with strainers around to make a sandwich. So now the poster and perfect smooth and flat without waves, Customer is now satisfied, Thanks again with support.