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Framing a lot of stuff


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I have this shadow box to do. the center piece is an old windbreaker type coat from the 70s. It's accompanied with superbowl tickets from the 70s and a hat and a whole mess of patches and medals. I guess it'll be cool if i get it right. but i'm just wondering the best way to mount the Vikings coat. Any input would be appreciated.
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Rick Granick

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
It's going to involve stitching, and might be easier and better looking if it can be fastened over a form of some kind, the way jerseys are done. Do not use any kind of adhesive or tape in contact with the coat.
The other items can be mounted to small mats using safe and reversable methods, and these fastened to the backing. Jim Miller did a great article for PFM magazine a while back in which he referred to these as "sub-assemblies". You might be able to find that by searching the PFM site.
:cool: Rick
:cool: Rick


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Potentially, some type of form could be made, and magnets be used inside the Jacket, and on the back of the frame.
I have never done this, but I would if the material could not be sewn through.
On Jerseys, I follow the method that Rick described above.

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