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Framing Equipment in Colorado


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I'm liquidating the contents of a dear friend's small framing business in the Denver metropolitan area. Equipment is older but is in good working order and well-cared for. Pick up only please.

For Sale: Morso chopper (foot pedal...model unknown) with extra blades: $650.00
Fletcher 3000 series glass/mat/etc. cutter (vertical mount): $600.00
C&H 4800A mat cutter: $350.00
Framing Table (approximately 60" x 48")
Miscellaneous small items: vises, mats, linen, etc.

Photos available on request...email me at cindymc@aol.com for photos or to see the items in person.
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Grumbler in Training
The Morso chopper and the Fletcher 3000 are sold. The mat cutter and the table that holds the mat cutter are available.