Framing ideas needed for this floral please


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Customer brought this in and I would like some ideas framing this. Im coming close to " looks great " but like to hit a home run. The 80's gold frame needs to go. Rabbit needs to be 3/4" at least. Can you please psot with pictures of what you would do along with numbers and company. Thank You for your help with this.floral.jpg
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I squared it up and cropped in case someone wants to download do a visualization.

Is it a painting on board or canvas or is it a print? ( Mat or not)

Not perfect.

Size = 20 x 22

floral 1_edited-1.jpg
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No time to post pics, but I like Max M998006 and Nurre Caxton 65401 as possible outer frames, with Fotiou 2402SI or LJ 224967 as possible inners. With offset clips, for the extra depth.


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