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Gene Green oval machine + scallop cutter


Grumbler in Training
Hi Everyone,

New to the Grumble.

I purchased the equipment & stock of a retired gentleman. Amongst all of it is a Gene Green oval machine, plus the scallop cutter. I plan to make rustic frames, and have no plans for circles, ovals, or scallops.

Judging by the no wear on this tool, it appears that the previous owner did not use it at all, or if he did, just extremely minimal.

I checked all the parts with the parts lists and they are all there, including directions.

I have more photos if you would like them.

One sheet for the oval cutter indicates a price of $175, nic scallop cutter. And that was around 25 years ago. It's definitely a precision tool.

Would like to get $125, plus shipping.


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