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Glass Price Comparison Survey - 9/2004

Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
The September grumbler survey and discussion compares what we charge for glass.

There are six questions in this poll. While votes are anonymous, your name will appear on any posts. Discussion is highly welcomed!

For this survey, we're considering lites in the 24x36 size. (labor and tax excluded)
1) Regular Clear
2) UV/Conservation Clear or equivalent
3) Regular NG
4) Plexi Clear
5) A/R
6) Museum

To keep it short, only some popular types are listed. Please keep in mind that this is for
entertainment, comparison, and discussion only. There are many factors that should be
considered when setting prices, and the results represent only a small sampling.

Please click on THIS LINK and then VOTE NOW to participate. Polling ends 9/30/04 at 11:59pm